This Pair of Hermès Underwear Costs as Much as a Flat Screen TV


Have an extra $500 to spend? You might consider purchasing a flat screen T.V. or, perhaps, a flight to Europe. Or, if you’re a patron of Hermès, you can also spend it on a single pair of underwear.

That’s right, you read that correctly. The French clothing brand is now offering a pair of woven boxers on its website with a price tag of $470.

It’s not exactly clear what makes the cotton undergarment fabulous enough to warrant the hefty price, and Hermès’ public relations did not immediately respond to questions from TIME on why customers should forgo, say, a beach vacation to purchase a piece of clothing most of the world will never see. But for $470, we’re assuming they, at a minimum, come with built-in butt warmers.

While the underpants are undoubtedly expensive, they aren’t the priciest undergarment to hit the market. In 2010, American clothing brand…

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