Shapeways’ CEO: 3D printing could not only let you design products, it could let you design materials


It’s hard to believe that Shapeways can still be called a startup. Since its founding in 2007, the company has become the place to outsource high-quality 3D print jobs to, whether you’re printing a fashion-forward dress or geometric metal bracelet.

It does so by printing objects made from plastic, metal, ceramic and sandstone on demand. One of the major advantages of 3D printing is there isn’t any real difference in setup costs in printing one or 1,000 units. There is no exorbitant cost attached to printing a 3D figurine of a cherished pet and artists can sell their goods individually instead of having to create a pre-made stock of goods. Shapeways’ printers also are top-of-the-line and tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which the average individual generally does not have access to.

I sat down with CEO Peter Weijmarshausen this month to talk over the company’s future…

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