The Day I Found Out I’m a Super Hero


When I was a little girl, I used to enjoy the company of my paper dolls, Barbies and collection of My Little Pony. Super Heroes were not really a presence in my life other than that one time my mom used Superman in a cautionary tale context, telling me about the little boy who wanted to fly just like him. Message internalized. I’ve never aspired to be a super hero. Imagine my surprise when I became one.

I remember well, as one would, the first time I was confronted with my newly acquired super powers. That particular AHA moment occurred at the Ben Gurion airport in Israel when I was catching a tray with some tea and a croissant making its way towards me mid-air. True story. And all that after a sleepless night at the airport with a ten-month-old, I might add. When the server was congratulating me on…

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