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We spent the day poring over some of the results from yesterday’s elections. I licked my journalistic chops at the prospect of a Cruz-Christie-Paul primary slugfest, while we surveyed the blogosphere’s take on Christie’s chances in 2016. Was Virginia’s result a referendum on Obamacare? Yes and no.

Readers chimed in on America’s torture-until-they-die farms for pigs and Hawaii’s long pursuit of marriage equality. I advised the president to stop digging on his “if you like your plan, you can keep it, period” obfuscation, while we got some long-needed accountability from Washington, and readers emailed us success stories of the ACA roll-out.

Pope Francis all but became Saint Francis today in a gesture that speaks louder than any words.

The most popular post was my washing my hands of Ron Paul, and this resilient tear-jerker.

See you later tonight on AC360 Later and in the morning.

(Painting: “The Healing Of…

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