Proud grain of dust – Il granello orgoglioso di polvere – Fir mândru de praf

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English translation by Mihaela Jahn

The Earth and the world, are built from shards and dust…
The Cosmos produces a lot of dust… no vacuum cleaner could cope with so much…
Out of a billion planets, Terra couldn’t have been the one preferred
for the birth of the Creator’s son, unless a
a big necessity prevailed…
After two thousand thirteen revolutions around the Sun
the necessity is intact and… yet something happened
We’re not better or worse just… more proud
Pride’s conscience wants to be raised
so that tomorrow we are the creators of worlds
Terra produces a lot of dust, said the Ego, one of the dust grains carried by the winds…
I will have to keep rebuilding my poor self out of pieces and shards Pride,
I am wearing it in a triumphal way as a trophy of the vain…


La Terra e il…

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