The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, November 6, 2013

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, challenges, questions

Moon: Sagittarius/Capricorn (4:44 pm EST/ 9:44 pm UTC)

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

11/5/2013 AUDIO UPDATE – Kamala

As mentioned, the planets were booming yesterday – but not as much as the Sun!  This photograph from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the Sun releasing a massive and sudden X3-class flare at 6:12 pm EST/ 11:12 pm UTC.  It was a rare occurrence, producing what’s called a “magnetic crochet” when the atmosphere of the Earth is disturbed while the flare is in progress.  Usually it takes a few days for the peak effects on Earth but this happened virutally simultaneously.  Air currents above our heads as low as 60 km were ionized.  That’s extremely close!  (Read more at

So you could say the heavens swooped down very low to get in close range of humanity.  This was a joint effort of the Sun (the divine being Sabaoth, according to ancient Gnostic sources)…

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