New Frontiers In Propaganda, Ctd

The Dish

Emily Greenhouse adds a little reporting to the story of Assad’s Instagram account:

What does a social-media company do when a user known to be attacking civilians is blasting out Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 7.01.50 PMfeel-good content? I posed this question to Instagram about Assad’s user stream. Alison Schumer, who works on the company’s policy and communications team, told me that she cannot comment on specific accounts, even if the account is a global public figure. But she explained that, generally speaking, if a user created content that promoted violence, Instagram would remove it and possibly disable the user. Schumer stressed the importance of the context of the image in making those calls—a caption might make an image threatening, for instance—but also said that “context” is generally limited to content on the site. What matters, then, is that the picture Assad puts up depicts his wife assisting a disabled child—the caption on that one translates…

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