Good News From Syria?

In Saner Thought

I realize that most Americans are focused on the shutdown (my bad) the Obamacare debacle……and the rest of the world does not exist for them….at least at this time……so Uncle Chuq will let my readers know there is more to life than just what the Dems and Repubs are doing to each other and the country……that is why I am here!

Remember Syria?  That Middle East country that had the politicos up in arms….the war…the refugees….the chemical weapon attacks… recall right?

While the country focused on bad mouthing each other there has been a “good” turn in the subject of chemical weapons in Syria…….

(Newser) – All the chemical weapons production and mixing facilities declared by Syria have been either destroyed or made inoperable, in advance of tomorrow’s UN deadline, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said today. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization’s teams still have not been…

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