Snowed eh?

Morgan Rana Photography

When it snows here, panic ensues. Roads grind to a halt, supermarkets sell out of essential supplies and people obsessively clear their driveways to make sure the snow doesn’t get them in their sleep. “What if we get snowed in?” they all ask. It could happen…

Before I succumbed to mass hysteria, I ventured out and enjoyed the white stuff. I took a few photos in the park as children rode their cheaply made, high-priced, impulsively purchased toboggans. A plastic graveyard at the bottom of the hill, testament to their quality-assured production. Even the dogs were charging around erratically, leaping through my photos like a mad, well, dog.

They say Brits have a stiff upper lip, but when it comes to the snow we always seem to lose our cool. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to shovel snow with the shards of sharp plastic I collected from the hill, before…

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