Any number of things

Morgan Rana Photography

As I started to think about this, my 100th post, I thought about the other numbers that represent my life in photography…so far.

1 35mm film SLR camera. My Canon AE-1. My Genesis.

1 Medium Format film camera. My Mamiya RB67. My labour of love.

4 DSLR cameras. My Canons. My freedom of expression.

152 Gigabytes. My Compact Flash. My remit.

6 Terabytes. My hard drives. My life’s work.

768 people. My followers. My muses.

355 likes. My Moroccan Roll. My masterpiece.

37,712 views. My audience. My appreciation.

∞. My ambition. My inspiration.

The numbers come together and define what goes in to my photography. They also define the very act of taking a photo. iso 400, f2.8, 1/250. They all play their part and without them the ability to create and share my work would not be possible.

When it comes to words, however, it’s a lot simpler. One…

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